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EHS Manager

Fremont, OH
Company: Client of The Griffin Groupe Executive Search
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Fremont, Ohio
Rate: 125 - $135K + Benefits (Relocation assistance) - 20% TRAVEL

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager


This role leads all Environmental, Health and Safety responsibilities and initiatives. Develops and implements programs to ensure our EHS efforts are proactive and support our company’s workplace objectives. Ensures all necessary reports, permits and paperwork are completed properly to ensure compliance with government agencies. Administers workers’ compensation and works with 3rd party contacts and legal as necessary. Provides engaging onboarding and ongoing training to managers, supervisors and associates to foster a positive culture and tools to provide a safe, clean and organized workplace.


  • Ensures Air Emissions Permit requirements are met. Maintains visible particulate emission checks for Step and Regrind departments. Confirms sprayed chemical quantities for OC emissions and total hours in operation. Verifies and completes deviation reports, compliance certification, emission inventory, MACT compliance reporting and emergency malfunctions as required during the year. Verifies functionality of all emission control equipment. Conducts annual Clean Air Act training including Title V air permit conditions and MACT compliance training.
  • Ensures Storm Water Permit requirements are met. Verifies chemical-free storm discharges in all facilities. Performs monthly storm water inspection on Mfg outside grounds. Trains Mfg & DC’s in avoiding chemical spills, grease, oil and fuel spills to storm water conveyances. Issues annual discharge report.
  • Ensures RCRA (Hazardous Waste) Management & Reporting is completed. Maintains and confirms compliance with our hazardous waste accumulation areas. Handles the Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity Report and ensures labeling, disposal manifesting and reporting obligations are met. Audits satellite accumulation stations and DCs for hazardous waste activity.
  • Ensures compliance with universal waste accumulation areas. Trains maintenance in proper storage and disposal of universal waste. Reports and audits all universal waste accumulated for disposal.
  • Ensures compliance with Toxic Substance Control Act. Investigates all allegations of significant adverse reactions to health of associates and the environment and documents and report allegations including findings.
  • Ensures all Environmental Response (CERCLA) and Emergency Planning (EPCRA) requirements and reports are completed.
  • Maintains all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our stored chemicals. Reports quantities of hazardous chemicals annually to fire department, local emergency planning committee, state emergency commission, and EPA for those chemicals exceeding the threshold planning quantity (TPQ) on Tier II reports. Submits toxic chemical release reporting and Form R annually for those in excess of threshold quantities for calendar year. Reports any spills and releases of hazardous material via air, water or ground.
  • Ensures compliance with Used Oil and Non-Hazardous Waste Handling. Disposes and documents used oil recovery. Verifies the proper solid waste disposal and documents for yearly reporting of all recycled waste.

Health & Safety
  • Complies with OSHA regulations by creating and maintaining written programs for each location.
  • Conducts required periodic training on all required programs with all associates in all impacted locations. Trains Mfg associates more often to reduce the probability of accidents and injuries. Uses safety awareness training, behavior based training and other proven techniques to eliminate accidents with a goal to achieve zero accidents.
  • Conducts new associate EHS training and applicable forklift and/or DOT training as needed. Works with HR and out of state locations to ensure all the necessary training is completed in a timely manner.
  • Works with management, engineering and maintenance to improve areas of safety concern especially in Mfg by recommending improvements to workstations or equipment and/or to processes for safer and more ergonomic work environment.
  • Provides the EHS leadership to drive “safety first” behavior with positive results. Leads efforts to achieve recognition for best-in-class EHS practices such as OSHA’s voluntary protection program (VPP). Acts as project lead for such activities.
  • Screens, tests, and conducts workplace exposures for noise, air contaminants and other health-related issues to comply with industry regulations.
  • Purchases and distributes personal protective equipment (PPE) for all associates in facilities that require PPE.
  • Maintains the First Aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Response programs for client company.
  • Investigates using Root Cause Analysis all accidents including injuries, illnesses, incidents, near misses and first aid cases to prevent these from reoccurring.
  • Maintains OSHA recordkeeping and reports to management the injury, illness and incidence rating (IIIR) compared to industry. Reduces IIIR to reduce WC costs and liability.
  • Conducts and maintains the Respiratory Protection program and testing.
  • Works with HR with return to work and injury case management to minimize off work time.
  • Maintains all MSDS for all facilities. Updates current MSDS and works with purchasing to request MSDS from vendors including MSDS for chemicals purchased and brought into our facilities.
  • Manages the Hazard Communication (Right to Know) program. Maintains and trains on other safety topics such as Electrical Safety, Permit-required Confined Space, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention, Ergonomics, Hoists and Cranes, Lockout/Tagout, Machine Safeguarding, Fall Protection, Powered Industrial Trucks, Safety Inspections, Safety Rules Enforcement, Welding and Hot Work, etc.
  • Proactively works with HR and managers to build a safety-first culture. Uses positive and negative reinforcement, accountability, and enforcement methods to elevate safety so it is part of the company culture to embrace safety as part of doing their job right.
  • Performs EHS audits intermittently to ensure all locations are compliant. Works with new facilities to bring them up to speed with client company EHS policies and requirements.
  • Acts as the company representative with outside agencies such as OSHA, EPA, BWC, etc.

Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Maintains safety compliance of client company Fleet in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier (FMCSA) regulations. Reviews and revises client company policies and procedures with HR and Management as necessary.
  • Reviews accident reports to determine preventability. Initiates and recommends to DC Managers and HR the appropriate disciplinary action for violations. Initiates appropriate counseling for non-compliance by drivers.
  • Works with DC Managers when accidents occur to ensure proper procedures and actions required by DOT are followed. If injuries occur, ensure associates are cared for and evidence is preserved. Prepares and files all necessary accident reports and/or spill reports. Notifies appropriate authorities.
  • Reviews inspection reports to make sure all violations listed are corrected within the 15 specified days or the vehicle goes out of commission until fixed. Certifies inspection reports when corrections are made.
  • Conducts the required entry level driver training for new drivers and HOS training for non-compliant drivers. Conducts annual training for HOS, alcohol and drug testing requirements, driver vehicle inspections, commercial motor vehicle driver basics, driver safety and EHS responsibilities at the DC or on the road.
  • Works with HR to maintain correct driver safety history records based on citations, inspections, etc.
  • Acts as company representative with DOT and PUCO audits. Conducts mock safety audits to gauge compliance with our records and fleet programs.
  • Reviews electronic logs with Operations to avoid DOT liability. Report issues to DC Managers for correction and discipline as necessary.
  • Reviews, communicates and trains affected associates on Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) in order to determine our BASICs and our CSMS assessment grade.

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field with at least 7 years of EHS experience in Mfg, Warehouse and Private Fleet environments.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of EPA regulations including Ohio EPA’s eBusiness center, Tier II reporting, Air permits, EPCRA section 312 and 313, hazardous waste, universal waste, CERCLA and storm water pollution prevention.
  • Must possess extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations and the required safety programs and training needed such as guarding, lockout/tagout, confined space, welding and hot work, hearing conservation, respiratory protection, power industrial trucks, etc.
  • Must be proficient with the new hazard communications requirements, the global harmonized system of labeling and safety data sheets management and retention requirements.
  • Knowledge of department of transportation regulations for fleet safety, accident compliance and CSA 2010.
  • Excellent communication (written & verbal) and organizational skills.
  • Must be detailed oriented and analytical and be capable of performing root cause analysis to identify trends in data.
  • Must be capable of interacting, training and motivating associates at all levels to think safety first.
  • Must have demonstrated success in implementing EHS programs to reduce accidents and WC costs using different training and reinforcement methods.
  • Must have the ability to build positive relationships to facilitate a safety culture change and be a role model.
  • Proficient using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Must be accessible outside of normal working hours and be willing to travel to all of our locations.

Ryan Schortmann
The Griffin Groupe
Director of Recruiting and Technology

Please contact me with any questions:


(w) 774-773-9321

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