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Chief Engineer

Anywhere, USA
Company: Client of The Griffin Groupe Executive Search
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Anywhere, USA
Relocation: Offered (you will be required to travel to job locations)
Industry:  Maritime
Rate: Market

Chief Engineer


The Griffin Groupe is seeking an excellent maritime professionals to join our client company’s team. Supervises and coordinates activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines and other engines, deck machinery, and electrical, refrigeration, and sanitary equipment aboard tug or barge.

  • Inspects engines and other equipment and orders crew to repair or replace defective parts while underway or pier­ side.
  • Notifies port engineer to schedule corrective and preventative maintenance while pier-side.
  • Assists workers in diagnosing malfunctions in machinery and equipment based on observation of machinery.
  • Reads meters and gauges or automatic recording devices at specified intervals to verify operating conditions.
  • Records status such as temperature of equipment, hours of operation, fuel consumed, temperature or pressure, water levels, voltage load and generator balance.
  • Assists crew with maintenance and equipment for repair.
  • Uses any combination of hand tools, pneumatic tools, cranes, and jacks, to remove/replace, disassemble, and assemble components.
  • Completes engine overhauls, replaces power packs, and changes lubricants and filters.
  • Removes access covers, hatches, and flooring, to access mechanical assemblies.
  • Uses overhead crane with rope and chain slings to raise/lower structural members and equipment.
  • Assists contractors with pier-side overhauls and maintains responsibility for quality control.
  • Greases mechanical parts.
  • Greases and oils moving parts of friction surfaces and mechanical equipment.
  • Forces grease into fittings or applies grease to friction surfaces.
  • Operates tow winch to attach barge to tugboat.
  • Stands on tow winch platform.
  • Uses hand and foot controls to pay out line.
  • Monitors cable movement and engages winch brake.
  • Performs sternwell check.
  • Removes hatch cover to stern well.
  • Descends vertical ladder and drops into stern well.
  • Checks operation of stern pump and water level in stern.
  • Repairs pump as necessary.
  • Stands engine-room watch during specified periods, observes water levels in keel cooler, generator load, and oil levels in operating systems.
  • Fuels tugboat.
  • Attaches fuel hose from supply source to deck fitting.
  • Monitors tank levels and diverts fuel among tanks by changing valve direction.
  • Uncouples supply hose.
  • Fills lube oil tanks.
  • Connects fitting from oil drum to deck fitting.
  • Attaches pump to oil drum.
  • Monitors oil level until full.
  • Detaches hose from deck and stores pump.
  • Opens/closes valves to transfer oil from on board storage tanks to engine sumps.
  • Records operation and maintenance actions taken during shift in operator's logbook.
Ryan Schortmann
The Griffin Groupe
Director of Recruiting and Technology

Please contact me with any questions:


(w) 774-773-9321

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