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Barge Captain

Anywhere, USA
Company: Client of The Griffin Groupe Executive Search
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Anywhere, USA
Relocation: Offered (you will be required to travel to job locations)
Industry:  Maritime
Rate: Market

Barge Captain


The Griffin Groupe is seeking an excellent maritime professionals to join our client company’s team.

  • Supervises and directs workers engaged in loading and unloading barge to ensure that cargo is loaded according to ballast specifications.
  • Attaches ground wire to prevent explosion caused by dry static electricity.
  • Opens or closes valving to control the intake or discharge of oil/fuel products.
  • Adjusts valves to flow oil/fuel products into storage tanks within barge. 
  • Uses lever bar to open and close valve wheels.
  • Starts pump engines for material intake/discharge.
  • Utilizes hand tools (small through large) and pneumatic tools.
  • Prepares hoses for intake/discharge of material.
  • Attaches hose length to overhead crane.
  • Uses overhead boom to initially position hose for hook-up.
  • May manually maneuver hose for final connection.
  • Utilizes wrenches to bolt hose connectors together.
  • Attaches reducer to hose.
  • Manually lifts reducer and bolts to hose prior to coupling.
  • Determines and monitors the amount of oil to be taken on the vessel from dockside or during ship lightering process.
  • Communicates with barge members and dockside or ship personnel during loading process.
  • Assures oil level remains within specified values for ATI, pressure, and specific gravity.
  • Monitors tank indicators.
  • Reads pressure gauge.
  • Unscrews cap and releases stick height gauge to floating position and observes oil level.
  • Utilizes MMC gun to check oil level volume in tank.
  • Unscrews cap from gun base and screws in the marine moisture control gun.
  • Seals off gun cap and connects ground wire.
  • Reads tape and electronic monitor to determine level.
  • Walks length of barge, 250 ft. to 640 ft., to carry out responsibilities.
  • Steps up/over deck piping and other apparatus.
  • May ascend/descent stairs/ladders.
  • Ties up and breaks down vessel.
  • Coils line on vessel deck.
  • Throws line to dockside worker or throws line over dockside bitt.
  • Attaches tow cables.
  • Uses shackle and pin to shackle messenger line from barge to pennant cable of tow vessel.
  • Operates anchor motor to coil line on gypsy head.
  • Pulls line from gypsy head and coils on deck.
  • Spots barge in preparation of movement and docking.
  • May climb onto barge from tugboat at rest or while underway.
  • Scales ladder rungs built into the side of the barge.
  • Maintains a position on the barge to observe barge movement and signal tugboat captain.
  • Operates Yokahama fendering system.
  • Hand-cranks or utilizes pneumatic driver to spin winch on fender boom.
  • Lowers fender between vessels and raises fender at completion of intake/discharge operation.
  • Inspects barge to ensure that craft is seaworthy.
  • Performs preventative maintenance as required both underway and in port.
  • Greases bearings and valves, changes oil and filters, and drive motors, pumps, generators, etc.
  • Logs barges movements and ports of call, and maintains records as required.

Ryan Schortmann
The Griffin Groupe
Director of Recruiting and Technology

Please contact me with any questions:


(w) 774-773-9321

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