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Procurement Coordinator

Remote, USA
Company: Client of The Griffin Groupe Executive Search
Location: REMOTE
Job Type: Full Time
Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain
Rate: $80-90K Depending on Experience

This is an opportunity to join the team of one of North America's largest and fastest-growing logistics and supply chain installation companies. The Griffin Groupe is sourcing experienced Buying Professionals for our client company in this exciting growth industry.


The primary function of Procurement Coordinators is to handle and execute on our client company’s purchasing decisions, all while maintaining adequate stock levels and staying under budget. The Procurement Coordinator must determine what needs to be purchased, how much should be purchased and what vendor it should be purchased from. It will be important that they spend a significant amount of time communicating with our vendors and contractors to ensure that everything is executed as smoothly as possible.

  • Manage Supply – Working with our client company’s Managing Directors to understand what jobs are upcoming and the materials required to complete the job. Ensuring up to date inventory records to know what is on hand and what needs to be purchased.
  • Manage Relationships – our client company doesn’t produce their own raw materials, which means that the Procurement Officer will need to work with third-party suppliers to obtain the raw materials we need. It is critical that the Procurement Coordinator has the ability to maintain healthy, reliable and positive relationships with their suppliers.
  • Reduce Costs – The Procurement Coordinator’s job is not just maintenance. They must also continually look for areas where costs can be reduced without sacrificing quality to end-users. This means that, while upholding relationships with current suppliers, the Procurement Officer will also need to keep an eye out for new suppliers that might provide the same product for a lower cost.
  • Process Documentation - The procurement of materials typically entails a great deal of paperwork, and the Procurement Coordinator will be the one who will approve, organize, and process that paperwork. This paperwork can include bids, invoices, bills, vendor comparisons and more.
  • Gather Data – All the decisions a Procurement Coordinator makes must be based on facts and solid evidence rather than speculation or instincts. Thus, Procurement Coordinator must gather metrics and data which support their purchasing decisions.

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Communication skills – Due to the importance of maintaining relationships with suppliers, the Procurement Coordinator needs to have excellent communication skills and be comfortable speaking to all kinds of people.
  • Mathematical skills – To ensure that no money is lost and no resources are wasted, the Procurement Coordinator must be able to check and double check all of the facts and figures which back up their decisions.
  • Financial acumen – Making informed purchasing decisions involves the implementation of financial skills such as accurately budgeting and forecasting.
  • High level of organization – Supply chains are composed of many different moving parts, and if one segment of the chain fails to organize itself then all other segments will be affected. So, the Procurement Coordinator will need to protect our client company from as much unnecessary expenditure as possible by being highly organized at all times.

Ryan Schortmann
The Griffin Groupe
Director of Recruiting and Technology

Please contact me with any questions:


(w) 774-773-9321

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