Safety Program Manager

Location: Channahon, IL
Date Posted: 08-30-2018
Company: Client of The Griffin Groupe Executive Search
Location: Channahon, IL
Job Type: Full Time
Industry: Manufacturing
Safety Program Manager

The Griffin Groupe is sourcing safety professionals for a valued client in the manufacturing industry.

  • Typically reports to a supervisor. Contributes to moderately complex aspects of a project.
  • Work is generally independent and collaborative in nature.
  • Ensure the health and safety of employees at all sites
  • Outlines and implements training programs to educate and inform workers on work safety, environmental safety, and accident prevention regulations and procedures
  • Develops and distributes educational materials including videos, guides, and posters
  • Tracks and documents accidents to understand causes and recommend changes to prevent future accidents
  • Performs inspections and audits of facilities, equipment and processes recommending corrections or additional precautions to ensure compliance to established regulations.
  • May identify and deliver the training of workplace safety officers
  • Has a broad and current knowledge of all government and applicable industry safety regulations 
  • Ensure all sites are safety responsible
  • Ensure interdepartmental coordination/cooperation is at efficient levels
  • Ensure compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations.
  • Acts as safety and health manager
  • Responsible for employee morale and motivation on safety and health issues
  • Participates in and has authority over hiring, training and disciplining employees and contractors hired to assist on specific tasks.
  • Report on the status of the Health and Safety systems as a basis for continuous improvement of the HSE system.
  • And any other duties that may become necessary from time to time
  • Coordinates safety efforts of all departments and locations
  • Establishes and enforces safety policies to ensure not only compliance with Federal and State regulations, but to ultimately eliminate all work-related injuries/illnesses of personnel
  • Coordinates and encourages "Continuous Improvement" to Plant Safety
  • Participates and selects the topics of some departmental safety meetings
  • Performs safety inspections, audits, and evaluations
  • Develops safety programs for plant and drivers
  • Recognizes hazards and tracks corrective action
  • Devises and utilizes safety incentives
  • Develops and recommends capital projects to improve safety
  • Coordinates the health efforts of all departments and locations
  • Establishes and enforces health policies to ensure not only compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations, but to ultimately eliminate all work-related personnel health issues
  • Participates and selects the topics of some relevant health topics for departmental meetings
  • Performs health inspections, audits, and evaluations as necessary
  • Develops health programs for plant and drivers
  • Provide guidance to plant supervisory personnel
  • Encourage employee commitment to Company policy goals
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Set high quality commitment goals
  • Encourage employee participation in quality improvement
  • Utilize creativity and imagination of all employees to improve quality of products
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Be a quality customer to vendors and monitor vendor efforts toward quality in pricing, materials, and deliveries.
  • Competency in the field of Health and Safety Management
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Typically requires 4 to 7 years of related experience. Risk and sustainability, ISO 14001, ISO 18000 experience
  • Must be physically capable of performing all required duties.
  • Knowledgeable in safe work practices.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent motivational skills.
  • Excellent observation skills.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Developed P.C. skills.
  • Excellent writing and reading comprehension skills.
  • Understand applicable codes and regulations.
  • Willingness to travel.
Ryan Schortmann
The Griffin Groupe
Director of Recruiting and Technology

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